Best Doodle Board for Toddlers: TekFun LCD Writing Tablet Review

Written By: Megan Svetz
Reviewed By: Samantha Wood

We had the chance to test out the TekFun LCD Writing Tablet, an eco-friendly doodle board designed to enhance the developmental journey of toddlers. Say goodbye to wasted paper and hello to a sustainable drawing solution that promotes healthy development!

What we love

What we don’t love

  • Writing is a little light
  • Board does not light up
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Tekfun LCD Writing Tablet - what's included

What is the TekFun LCD Writing Tablet?

The LCD screen of the TekFun tablet is a fantastic alternative to electronic devices that emit radiation and blue light, which can cause eye strain. By using this tablet, you can provide a safe and enjoyable digital experience for your child, without any harm.

Whether you’re at home or on the go, the TekFun LCD Writing Tablet is perfect for travel and promotes mess-free creativity. This lightweight tablet offers endless exploration and creativity for our little ones as they reach important developmental milestones. The sleek and colorful design makes it a fun and engaging platform to develop fine motor skills and encourage intentional and purposeful scribbling.

Boy drawing on TekFun writing tablet.
TekFun tablet could be played with immediately after removing from box.

Simple, With Many Uses

The TekFun LCD Writing Tablet requires zero set-up and is simple to use straight out of the box! This lightweight doodle board is great for traveling and can be used anywhere, especially since the stylus attaches to the cover that protects the doodle board, ensuring that it won’t get lost even when on the go. 

Other great uses we have found for our TekFun Writing Tablet include:

  • Creative play: play games, draw and doodle
  • Educational board: practice letters and shapes
  • Message board: leave simple messages for one another
  • Travel companion: provide entertainment while traveling
  • Checklists: stay organized with grocery or todo lists
  • Scratch paper: take notes when brainstorming ideas or designs
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TekFun doodle board with user's manual and other included cards.
What’s included in the box of the TekFun doodle board.

Key Features

Eye-Friendly LCD Screen

Our favorite feature of the TekFun LCD writing tablet was the eye-friendly LCD screen, which does not emit harmful blue light. The tablet is healthier for your little one because there is no EMF radiation and no bright or blue lights emitted from the screen. This is extra important because children are more at risk than adults because their eyes absorb more blue light.

Pressure Sensitive Technology

Using the included stylus, the TekFun doodle board can be scribbled on and produces images with a colorful background. Some of the larger screens provide a pressure sensitive technology which creates thicker lines when the amount of pressure applied is increased.

Close up view of the TekFun doodle board.
The second to the last tooth is a little more prominent, and clicking it is how you erase the doodle board.

Lock Switch and Erase Button

One of my favorite features is the ability to simply press a button to erase the tablet. Our little one loves to make small marks over and over just to be able to see how quickly the tablet can be erased and clean again. Plus, the larger TekFun writing tablets include a lock button to prevent accidentally erasing your image before you are ready.

Lightweight and Portable – Great for Travel

TekFun provides a variety of writing tablets and doodle boards in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes – some even include ways to easily attach the board to your bag. We especially love clipping it to our son’s backpack and having it accessible for him in the car or at a restaurant. Also, because each writing table is light-weight (the 10 inch is only 150 grams) and flat, they are super easy to slip into my bag when we are on the go.

TekFun tablet attached to a backpack of little boy outside.

Long Battery Life

The TekFun LCD writing tablet does not require any charging, instead it includes a battery, which should last for over 100,000 drawings. The replaceable 3V battery (CR2025) comes included and installed.


A single tree can make around 10,000 sheets of A4 paper, and since the TekFun writing tablet can be used 100,000 times — you save around 10 trees using this reusable writing tablet! This eco-friendly drawing tablet also prevents wasting ink, markers, crayons, or paper towels and napkins used when cleaning other boards!

Back of TekFun LCD writing tablet.
The backside of the TekFun writing tablet.

Quality, Safe Material

The TekFun LCD writing tablet is made from high-quality non-toxic ABS plastic material. Also, there is no need to worry about accidentally dropping it or getting water on it, since the TekFun writing tablet anti-fall proof and waterproof.

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Age Appropriate and Developmental Milestones

As early as 5 to 6 months your little one begins developing fine motor skills. Then around 18 months they begin scribbling using a fist approach. As your child approaches the age of 3, they begin engaging in activities to learn the skill of holding a pen using their fingertips and thumb. The TekFun doodle board is great as your little one progresses through these developmental stages!

Child using the pincer grasp while using writing tablet.
TekFun tablet is great for developmental milestones like improving fine motor skills.

However, many tablets, including the smaller character tablets, are built with right-handed children in mind since the stylus attaches on the right-side. Several users rotate the board for their left-handed little ones, we would recommend purchasing a larger doodle board to comfortably do this.

About TekFun LCD Writing Tablets

Other Great Options from TekFun

TekFun provides a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes for their tablets, including 4.5, 8.5, 10, 12 and 15 inch LCD screens. Depending on which tablet you order, your stylus pens can be attached via a cord, inserted into the tablet cover, or clipped onto the tablet cover.

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Variety of options from TekFun - different shapes, sizes, and colors!

Warranty and Customer Support

The TekFun LCD writing tablet included a paper allowing you to register your tablet for a lifetime warranty (if done within 7 days of purchase). Their customer support can also be reached via the TekFun website.

We haven’t had a need to utilize their warranty, but we did reach out to their customer service but we are still waiting to hear back (we will update when we hear back :). Many reviewers seem to have a difficult time getting a response back from customer service. Also, we did notice some of the information on their website wasn’t accurate (ie “What’s in the box” section of their doodle board product listing).

Final Thoughts on the TekFun LCD Writing Tablet

The TekFun LCD writing tablet is one of our favorite toys to grab when on the go! It’s a simple, lightweight option when you need your little one entertained, like at a restaurant or at church! We especially love that it provides creative entertainment away from digital screens.

TekFun LCD writing tablet being drawn on by little boy

We have also found that it makes a great gift for friends with or without little ones! It’s fun to see the variety of ways people choose to play and use the TekFun writing tablet. We highly recommend it for your little one and family!

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