Nanit Pro Baby Monitor: Best Baby Monitor of 2024

Written By: Megan Svetz
Reviewed By: Samantha Wood

The Nanit Pro baby monitor is the self-styled Tesla of baby monitors, recently named one of the best overall Wi-Fi-based camera options, and it’s the very latest from Nanit—a brand known for its smart approach to infant sleep science. This article is a hands on review of the Nanit Pro baby monitor.

If you’re a parent keen on learning as much as possible about your little one’s sleep habits, the Nanit Pro may be a great choice. It provides an incredible amount of data and an intuitively-designed app, all with an aesthetic, understated appearance

What’s not to love? 

Our Verdict on the Nanit Pro Baby Monitor

While the Nanit Pro baby monitor is a generally popular choice, it does have drawbacks: its price point is high and having access to all that data simply may not be helpful for you.

Nanit Pro box
The Nanit Pro baby monitor box.

Our Rating: 9.8 / 10


We like:

We don’t like:

  • The price – it’s an investment!

Where to buy: check price on Amazon; check price with Nanit.


  • The Lollipop camera for a similar system that’s less expensive—and for an app with a live view system that allows you to view two cameras at the same time (check price).
  • The Eufy SpaceView for a system that includes a parent unit to free up your phone, it is the best Plug & Play monitor on our list at the moment (check price).

P.S. We received a review unit of this product from its manufacturer. We are, however, not paid or compensated for our review. To remain impartial in our tests, we use objective ranking factors and put each product in the hands of real parents for a few months before we publish our review. Read how we test to learn more.

Everything that we review is independently selected by our team. We only recommend products that we use ourselves with our kids. To support our website, we may receive a small commission if you buy something through our links. These commissions come at no extra costs for you. Read our earnings disclaimer to learn more.

Nanit Pro camer sideview
Nanit Pro baby monitor sideview.

Overview: Nanit Pro Baby Monitor

Health & Safety icon

Health & Safety

Privacy icon


Range icon


Audio Quality icon

Audio Quality

Video Quality icon

Video Quality

Battery icon


Features: Nanit Pro Baby Monitor

Infrared Night Vision icon

Infrared Night Vision

VOX icon


Multiple Camera icon

Multiple Camera

Two-Way Talk icon

Two-Way Talk

Play Lullabies icon

Play Lullabies
NO, Nature Sounds

Room Temperature icon

Room Temperature

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Remote Pan and Tilt icon

Remote Pan and Tilt

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Remote Zoom

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Video Recording icon

Video Recording

Our Quick Take: The Nanit Pro Baby Monitor Camera

It looks good. 

Whether you choose the standalone tripod or the wall-mounted option, the Nanit Pro looks sleek and unassuming. It won’t interfere with your nursery’s aesthetic.

It’s got great video quality. 

The 1080p HD-quality live feed looks great on a smartphone or tablet—no grainy images, here. 

The app is genuinely easy to use. 

Nanit has invested a lot in its software; the user interface is helpful, useful, and even adorable. It also integrates nicely with Amazon Alexa, though, as of this writing, there’s no Google integration quite yet. 

It’s got an intuitive hardware setup. 

With a visible-at-a-glance status light, easily-accessible reset button, and other tiny tweaks, the Nanit Pro offers increased ease of use while maintaining a streamlined silhouette.

Nanit Pro box contents
Nanit Pro: opening the box.

Our Hands on Review of the Nanit Pro Baby Monitor

Nanit, Nanit Plus, Nanit Pro, oh my!

Over the last few years, Nanit has introduced (and subsequently discontinued) a few different monitoring systems. What’s the difference between the last few models of Nanit baby cameras? 

First of all, Nanit Pro is the latest, launched in March of 2021. Nanit no longer sells its original or Plus models. With the Nanit Pro, the company rolled out a series of serious upgrades while keeping the clean design and friendly feel that made Nanit a big name in baby monitors. 

Here’s what the Nanit Pro newly brings to the table: 

  • Upgraded resolution: While the Nanit Plus featured 960p resolution, you’ll enjoy 1080p resolution with the Pro.
  • Crisper night vision: As one of the main reasons you’ll use a baby monitor is to keep tabs on your baby at night, it’s important that the cameras capture what’s going on in a dimly-lit space. The Pro features noticeably higher quality for its night vision images. 
  • Intriguing app features: Nanit has added a lot of fun utilities to its app, such as a virtual scrapbook that creates automatic (and surprisingly cute) summaries of your child’s growth. 
  • Helpful accessories: From various stands to breathing wear, swaddles, and smart sheets that can automatically measure your baby through the Nanit Pro, Nanit is expanding its offerings to be a one-stop shop for your child’s nighttime health, safety, and comfort. 
  • Hardware updates: The Nanit Pro baby monitor features a physical reset button and a status indicator light that can let you know quickly if it’s connected to Wi-Fi, pairing, or power cycling. 
Nanit Pro camera
Nanit Pro unboxing: the camera.

In addition, the Nanit Pro baby monitor includes several of the upgrades first featured in the Nanit Plus, such as:

  • Two-way audio communication.
  • Increased sound quality.
  • A suite of nature sounds you can use to soothe your little one!

Nanit Pro Camera Installation

The Nanit Pro baby monitor needs to be installed just over your child’s crib, pointed directly at the center. You can choose from a wall mount or a free-standing tripod to help make sure that the angle is just right. If you opt for the wall mount, Nanit will send you a small plastic tool to help you measure and drill holes in the wall in the correct places!

To increase safety for your whole family, the wall mount does include a simple cover to manage and hide the power cable. Once installed, your little one shouldn’t be able to access the cord at all. 

However, be a little careful, as we found during our hands on review of the Nanit Pro baby monitor, attaching the cord plastic coverings to one another can be a little tricky (try not to bend them at the connection points once connected).

Nanit Pro wall mount
The camera works best when mounted on the wall.

After you drill the wall mount in place, the Nanit Pro camera clips on and off the mount very easily. The floor stand is even easier to use: It’s sturdy, sleek, and might be a good idea if you’ll need to move the camera around often.

When first purchasing your camera, you can select either the wall mount or floor stand to be included in your bundle. Afterward, you can purchase alternative options separately.

Nanit also sells a shorter Multi-Stand that could come in handy if you see yourself traveling with your baby monitor—or if you’d like to convert the Nanit Pro from a baby monitor to a more versatile nanny cam as your child grows up.

Using the Nanit Pro (and its Mobile App)

The Nanit app is user-friendly, intuitive, and aesthetic—precisely what we want to see in a modern parent unit! Upon opening the app, you’ll see a welcome message, a live camera feed, and a few simple controls. It’s just enough information to take in at a glance or take quick actions (snap a picture, turn on a night light) with a tap of your thumb. 

Once you put your child to bed, you’ll receive status updates and notifications in real-time. (You can adjust the frequency or sensitivity of these notifications quite easily.) The app will show a video and audio feed of your child’s crib. The audio seems to be serviceable, but not as much a standout feature as the Pro’s upgraded video quality; one source describes the audio as “clear, but hollow” in their tests.

Nanit Pro Insights App
Setting up the Nanit Insights app, with easy installation instructions that walk you through every step.

If your child wakes up, you can use the two-way audio to speak to them remotely. From within the Nanit app, you can also start soothing white noise or nature sounds to avoid having to disturb your baby while they try to sleep. 

If you’re interested in gleaning further information, the Nanit baby monitor app provides further functionality with well-organized tabs. Across the base of the screen are icons representing your live feed, your activity feed, your sleep dashboard, your inbox and your memories.

The Live Tab

Here, you’ll be able to access a full-screen feed of your child’s crib. From here, you can also track real-time statistics such as the room temperature and humidity, or take quick actions like turning on a lullaby for your little one.

The Activity Tab

In this tab, you can scroll through continuous video footage (with the Insights Premium and Ultimate subscriptions) to catch every yawn, roll, and snore! Here, you can also find compiled video summaries each morning, so you can discover exactly how your baby slept the night before.

Nanit Pro camera setup
Step 3: Setting up the camera and installing the app.

The Dashboard Tab

In your dashboard, you’ll find quick data points summarizing your child’s sleep habits. You’ll be able to tell how long your baby slept, the time they went to bed, how often you checked up on them, and more.

The Inbox Tab

This tab will contain reports about your baby’s sleep stats and personalized recommendations from Nanit through the Insights subscription. Nanit is working with sleep experts and pediatricians to keep you in-the-know on the very latest in best infant sleep practices.

The Memories Tab

This one’s fun: The Memories tab curates and collects pictures and video snippets for you to save and share as you please!

Additionally, you have access to settings which give you the power to customize your motion sensor, add viewers to the app, adjust the system’s sensitivity or decide which push notifications you wish to receive.

The Nanit Insights Subscription

Nanit brands its app as “your child’s built-in personalized sleep coach”, which certainly sounds attractive (particularly for parents anticipating months of erratic sleep schedules!). 

Your purchase of a Nanit Pro comes with one year of basic Nanit Insights, which is a service you access through the dedicated app. With this subscription, you get the ability to add two users to the Nanit app, some dedicated storage space to keep your child’s data (e.g., movement maps, sleep history, and activity feeds), and personalized sleep tips. 

After the first year, you can continue your Basic subscription for $5/mo (or $50/year), or you can opt to upgrade to the Premium or Ultimate membership tiers. 

These tiers come with increased storage, the ability to add more users to the app, and more sleep and video history—retaining up to a week of video data, for example, instead of none at all. The prices max out at $30/mo (or $300/year) for the Ultimate subscription. 

If you’re interested in being able to analyze your baby’s sleeping patterns or if you love morning reports and personalized recommendations to help improve your baby’s sleep, then Insights can definitely be worth it. 

The main value added with the tiers is the ability to hang on to a backlog of detailed reference data, which could be precisely what you need. If you’re a minimalist and don’t see the need for saved data, no problem: The Nanit Pro does not require this subscription. You’ll still be able to control the camera and access its live view through the standard Nanit app.

Nanit Insights subscription plan
Three different plan levels, easily updated within the app.

Security: Data Tracking and Nanit Pro Camera Hacking

Worried about someone else accessing your baby monitor’s feed? If a hacker is able to breach your router’s security, they could in theory hack your baby monitor, too. 

This is understandably scary! However, Nanit has really upped the security features with the Nanit Pro, which now includes: 

  • Zero use of third parties for camera and app servers
  • 256-bit data encryption
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Secure protection for your video and data feeds, hosted on Nanit servers, shared only with your devices

Ultimately, while any video monitor presents some level of risk (as opposed to a harder-to-hack radio monitor, for example), the Nanit Pro seems to be a safer choice.

Nanit Pro Baby Monitor Health and Safety

Many parents have concerns about exposing their little one to electromagnetic exposure (which may overstimulate some infants). As a result, many baby monitor manufacturers have been taking steps to reduce EMF emissions, and Nanit is no exception! The Nanit Pro does appear to have lower emissions than the company’s previous models, based on tests we’re seeing from independent reviewers.

If you’re interested in reducing your child’s risk even further, consider placing the camera as far away from your little one’s crib as possible. As the Nanit Pro has pretty good audio/visual quality, you can still get a high-quality image of your child without needing to have the camera within inches of your infant.

Nanit Pro baby monitor: What’s in the box

Interested to know what you’ll find when you unbox your new baby monitor? Here’s what was included in our hands on review for the Nanit Pro baby monitor (wall-mount package)

  • One Nanit Pro camera
  • One power adaptor with cords and coverings
  • One wall-mount base and attachment pieces
  • Sleeping band

Nanit also offers bundling options, which come with deals on additional baby gear.

Nanit Pro what is included in the box
All the goodies included in the Nanit Pro wall-mount package.

Nanit Warranty and Customer Service

Your Nanit Pro will come with Nanit’s limited warranty. Nanit will cover the product’s materials and workmanship for one year from the date of delivery. In addition, Nanit has a total satisfaction return policy: If, for any reason, you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you have 45 days of the purchase to return your Nanit Pro and obtain a full refund.

If you’re making an investment in your family’s safety with the Nanit Pro, you want to know that you have a team you can reach out to for troubleshooting, support, and further questions. At Nanit, you have the option to call their team (1-866-696-2648 from the United States) or leave them a message from their request page.

Nanit Pro Baby Monitor Price

On the official Nanit website, you can purchase the Nanit Pro Camera for $299. If you’re interested in bundling, you can take advantage of reduced pricing. For example, you could purchase the Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System, which includes breathing wear.

Nanit Insights, the app and subscription service, is free for the first year with purchase of the Nanit Pro. After that, you can choose from the basic, premium, and ultimate membership tiers, which range in price from $5-$30 per month. The app is available for download on the iOS App Store and on Google Play.

Nanit Pro baby monitor camera close up

Nanit Pro Baby Monitor: Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between the Nanit Plus and the Nanit Pro?

    The difference between the Nanit Plus and the Nanit Pro is that the Nanit Pro includes higher image quality, warmer lighting, a status light, and an easy-access reset button.

  • Does the Nanit Pro require a subscription?

    Nanit Pro camera installed on wall

    No! The Nanit Pro does not require a subscription. Without the subscription, you can still use the monitor’s camera and live stream features.

  • Does the Nanit Pro come with a parent unit?

    Nanit Pro what's in the box

    The Nanit Pro does not come with a parent unit; instead, it requires use of a smartphone or tablet to access the live feed.

  • Does the Nanit Pro work with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit or Siri?

    Yes! You can pair your Nanit Pro with your Alexa and Alexa-enabled speakers. It is not yet compatible with Siri, Apple HomeKit, or Google Assistant. We have yet to test these features in our hands on review of the Nanit Pro baby monitor.

  • Is the Nanit Pro HSA or FSA eligible?

    FSA and HSA Eligible Baby Monitors

    Yes! Purchase your Nanit Pro with your HSA or FSA card or submit your receipt for reimbursement if you purchase with another card.


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