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Baby Gear Essentials Team:

Real parent reviews. Genuine opinions.

The Baby Gear Essentials Team is a group of friends and parents who got frustrated with the lack of objective reviews available online to help us find the best products for our kids. So we decided to start our own website.

With Baby Gear, we want to give you clear and comprehensive information to help you find the products that are right for you.

Real parent reviews. Genuine opinions.   

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Our Mission

The mission of the Baby Gear Essentials Team is simple: we want to publish the most helpful, honest, and straightforward baby product reviews possible to help you quickly find the product that is right for you.

We know, as parents, how precious your time is. We also know that safety and security are paramount to your family. That’s why we strive to find and test the best products available today to make a meaningful impact on your family life.

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Why you can trust the Baby Gear Essentials Team?

Because we want to stay impartial, we don’t accept advertising or sponsorship from manufacturers of baby products. So you can trust our objectivity. Instead, we receive a small commission from Amazon if you decide to buy something via one of the links on our site. This comes at no extra cost for you. The price that you pay is the exact same if you go directly to Amazon. But it does help us continue to review more great baby products.

Why do we do this? Running this website generates several expenses. We need to purchase the products that we review, but we also need to pay for the equipment used during our reviews (cameras, microphones, etc.), hosting and maintenance of our website, and a bunch of other software to write and design beautiful reviews.

Referral links from Amazon are the best way that we found to finance Baby Gear Essentials while remaining independent and impartial without costing you, our readers, anything extra.

We purchase most products that we test ourselves; however, we do sometimes accept products from manufacturers for review. When accepting a product from a manufacturer, we explicitly state in the review as well as make it clear with manufacturers that giving us products guarantees in no way that they will be reviewed more positively or rank better. In addition, we do not accept payment from companies to review their products. We only review products that we think are worthwhile for you.

If we feature a certain product more pro-eminently through our site, it is because we genuinely like that product more.

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We review baby products that can have a positive and meaningful impact on the lives of parents and their children. We purchase each product that we review, run them through our tests, and then write in-depth reviews to help you find what’s best for your family.

What categories of baby product do we cover?

We currently review baby products across three main categories: baby monitors, strollers, and infant car seats.

We’re always adding new product to our reviews. You can contact us if there is a specific model you think we should review.

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